January 13th, 2012 eNote

Below is my weekly email to the Tonganoxie UMC congregation.  I share it here so that others can keep in touch with what the church is up to.  Let me know if you’d like to be added to the list to receive the note weekly.

Dear Tonganoxie UMC Family,


It has been a joy to be back in the office the last couple of days following a wonderful week of vacation.  I feel energized and recharged and am ready for all of the exciting things happening as we get rolling with 2012.  I’m just going to jump in to some things that I want to share today.


Sanctuary Sound Concerns

Over the last several days I have heard concerns about the sound quality of things in the sanctuary.  Some concerns seem specific to worship this last weekend, but others seem to be ongoing and longer term.  I am grateful for the feedback we are receiving and want you to know that members of the Trustees and the Worship Team as well as some tech-y souls and myself are in conversation about what needs to be done to improve sound quality throughout the sanctuary.  One of the things that we are deducing is that there seem to be different spots in the sanctuary where it is easier (or harder) to hear.  Please feel free to put some notes on your connection card in worship Sunday regarding where you were sitting and how the sound quality was.  Also feel free to experiment with where you sit in the sanctuary over the next week or so while we work on plans to address the needs.  And, as always, please feel free to share concerns with me – your feedback is helpful and appreciated!


2011 Ends in the Black

Our books are still being finalized for 2011, but I am excited to share that we finished the year in the black by nearly $5,000.  This is a wonderful testament to your faithfulness and stewardship as a congregation, especially given how difficult the times are for so many.  Regardless of how frequently or how much you were able to give last year, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who played a part in helping us meet our goals and obligations as a congregation in 2011.


Souper Bowl Challenge From McLouth UMC

We have received a formal challenge from the good people of McLouth UMC.  Specifics will be explained in worship this week, but the gist of the challenge is this –  between now and February 5th each congregation will collect as much canned soup (or ravioli, spaghetti-o’s, or chili) as possible.  At the end of the contest the congregation who has gathered the most wins a fabulous prize (and bragging rights).  All of the food raised by McLouth UMC will be used to fight hunger in Jefferson County.  All of the food that we collect will be split between Good Shepherd and the Food for Friends program at Tonganoxie Elementary School.  If we happen to collect more than these two programs can handle, we will look for other agencies or organizations in town and in Leavenworth County that can benefit from the food.  Please join us in worship this Sunday as we formally accept the challenge and please begin shopping for canned soup when you can find it at a good price.  Our goal is 3,000 cans from our congregation and I have a good feeling that we can do it!


Administrative Council Meeting and Potluck Sunday

Don’t forget that Administrative Council will be meeting this Sunday, January 15th, following the 10:30 service.  We will share a potluck meal together in Hughes Hall.  The meeting is open to everyone associated with Tonganoxie UMC and will include reports from all of our team leads as well as some preliminary conversation about long range plans for 2012.  Please plan to join us for this important meeting!


I hope that over the last couple of weeks you have been able to experience the blessings of this New Year and that as you look to the rest of 2012 you do so with a sense of hope for all that God will do in your life and in our life together as a congregation this year.  I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday as we continue our sermon series, “Come and See” by talking about the important work that we do as a congregation focused on “Inviting on Purpose.”


Grace and Peace,





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