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Starting a New Worship Service – Looking For Conversation

This spring we had a series of conversations at Tonganoxie UMC about worship offerings.  Acknowledging that our numbers in worship have been increasing, hoping that they might continue to do so, and hoping that we might be able to reach people we’re not currently reaching as a church, we’re now exploring the possibility of starting a new service.

It is my desire to lead a process that is prayerful, intentional, thoughtful, and creative in the starting of a new service.  As we work to map out the process that we might use in the coming months I’d love to hear about the experiences that other churches have had in starting a new service.  If you have been a part of starting a new service in recent years I’d love to hear from you on the following questions:

  • What was your process for starting the new service?
  • What worked well?
  • What would you do differently if you had it to do over again?
  • What did you read that was helpful?
  • Who did you talk to that was helpful?
  • What was your timeline for starting the service?
  • What parties were involved in the conversation within the church?
  • How, if at all, were people outside the church engaged in the conversation/process?
  • How has the new service impacted the existing service(s)?
  • How has the new service impacted the congregation?
  • How has the new service impacted the greater community?
  • What were the biggest surprises in the process?
  • What were the biggest challenges in the process?
Feel free to email me at pastorjeffclinger(at)gmail(dot)com or to comment here.

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