Creative Community Connections

I am incredibly proud of the church I serve as there are so many wonderful things going on!  This week especially it has been fun to see a couple of fun projects coming together for the Leavenworth County Fair held here in Tonganoxie.

Last night a group of people from the church rode on a float in the parade and it was great to see so many people so excited about sharing God’s love through the church.  I can’t even imagine how much time/energy went into the coordinating, planning, decorating, candy collecting, trailer loading, and everything else that was required.  I am grateful for all who were willing to contribute to making that event a success.  It was especially fun for me as it was my first Leavenworth County Fair Parade since probably 1997.  It was also h’s first and she had a blast riding with one of her new buddies from the church.

Last night and for each of the coming nights this week people from the church will be at the fair passing out bottles of water, collecting prayer requests for the community and distributing fans.  As I write this someone is here at the church praying for the requests collected last night – very cool!  The fans that are being distributed are also something about which I’m quite excited.  The idea came from a member of the church and another member designed them.  I wasn’t at the fair after the parade last night, but the report is that they were going like hotcakes.

It is a blessing to be a part of a community of faith thinking about ways to connect with, invite, and serve the community around us!



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3 responses to “Creative Community Connections

  1. Barb Clinger

    Smiling in Nashville. Correct that…tail wagging.

  2. Way to go Tongie UMC! Love, love, love seeing active forms of getting out into the community just like this rather than the more passive default “let’s just send a postcard.” (Not that postcards are necessarily a bad thing :o)

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