eNote from Pastor Jeff – August 5th, 2011

Each Friday I send an email to the Tonganoxie UMC congregation.  I have decided to begin sharing it here as a way for others who are not a part of that faith community to know a bit about the things we’re up to.

Greetings TUMC Family,

I hope that you’re doing well as this week winds down and I trust that you have enjoyed a break from the heat these last days.  Monday through Wednesday of this week I was in Great Bend attending the first session of the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness.  I want to let you know a bit about this program as I believe it will be making a significant difference in our ministry together in the coming years.  The program is led by Rev. Bill Selby, a pastor in the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference who serves as a consultant for congregations and a mentor and coach for clergy around the country.  Over the course of 18 months participants gather for 6 retreats to study behavioral systems and family systems theory.  In addition to the study, much reflection is done that helps participants apply the things they learn to their own lives and ministry settings.  After this first retreat I am confident that my ministry will be enhanced by this experience and that it will be a blessing to us as a congregation as well.  As this week draws to a close I am again energized and encouraged by all of the incredible potential that exists for us in ministry together!

Leavenworth County Fair Week Reminders – Parade and Fair Booth

This coming week will be an active week for us as the church participates in the Leavenworth County Fair.  A few reminders/final requests regarding all of the fair activities…  You can:

  • donate candy to be thrown during the parade – bring to church this Sunday the 7th.
  • help get the church van ready for the fair (remove and store seats) – connect with KT Ussery after Church on Sunday the 7th.
  • help make signs/posters for the float – meet at the church at 7pm Monday the 8th.
  • help decorate the float – meet by the Tongie pool at 5:45 on Tuesday the 9th.
  • ride on/walk with the float – meet by the Tongie pool by 6:15 on Tuesday the 9th.
  • help with our booth (share water and fans with and collect prayer requests for the community) – at the Fairgrounds from 6:00-9:30pm Tuesday the 9th – Saturday the 13th (help is especially needed on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings).

Please consider helping out during this exciting week of outreach!  Dana Skelley is coordinating the float and Katie Ussery is coordinating the booth during the week.  Please be in touch with either of them to sign-up to help or to ask questions.

Techie Opportunities to Serve the Church

If you have some basic computer/web skills (or would like to learn more) the church is looking for you to help in one of a variety of ways:

  • Conversation is getting started about redesigning and relaunching the church website.  We will most likely be using a very user friendly browser based system.  Help will be needed with the initial design and build of the site as well as with the ongoing upkeep and management of information.
  • A team of people is being developed to put together the worship presentations for each week’s services.  A basic understanding of PowerPoint will be helpful, but not necessary to do this.
  • It would be nice to have a church presence on Facebook.  If you have some Facebook experience/skills and would be interested in helping get this set up it would be most appreciated!

If you’re interested in being involved with any of these three ministry opportunities please be in touch with me.

New Series Starts This Weekend – Found!

This Sunday in worship we will begin a three week series focusing on the 15th chapter of Luke.  This one chapter of the Bible contains three different parables in which Jesus teaches about things that have been lost being found.  This week we will begin by looking at Luke 15:1-7 and talking about “The 1 and the 99.”  I encourage you to read these 7 verses before coming to worship this weekend so that you might begin reflecting upon them.  I also encourage you to think about someone in your life (a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker) who might benefit from hearing a message of God’s unconditional love that constantly reaches out to us no matter where we wander or how far we stray.

I look forward to seeing you in worship Sunday and to spending some time with you at the fair next week!

Grace and Peace,


PS All five sermons from the “Calling and Community” sermon series are now online at my blog.  The “Bridge to the Future” video that was used in last week’s sermon is included as well if you’d like to view it again or share it with others.



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2 responses to “eNote from Pastor Jeff – August 5th, 2011

  1. Our TUMC cares group is already on FB.

    • Jeff Clinger

      I know, but it is a private group for sharing prayer concerns & is only seen by group members. A church wide FB page could provide broader avenues of communication with the congregation & the greater community.

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