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This morning I find myself thinking about the 162 households involved with Tonganoxie UMC that today or tomorrow will receive the introductory letter I put in yesterday’s mail.  Addressing all of those envelopes was a cool process that allowed me to connect names with families and to spend just a couple of minutes praying for each person in the congregation.  Now I am excited to begin matching names with faces as I begin my ministry with the congregation in just a couple of short weeks.

I am hopeful that at least a handful of the people who receive that letter will be intrigued by the link I provide to this blog and decide to check it out in order to learn more about this guy coming to be their new pastor.

If you are reading this after receiving that letter, welcome!  I love to have conversation with people through this blog so please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear your hopes and dreams for the church as well as anything about you or your family that you’d want me to know as we prepare for our ministry together.  In the upper right hand corner of this page you’ll see a place where you can subscribe to receive updates to this blog via email.  If you chose to do this you’ll automatically receive notification whenever I post a new blog (roughly twice a week).

If you are a long time reader of this blog, I thank you for being with me on this journey and ask that you’ll hold the Tonganoxie UMC and me both in your prayers during these weeks of transition.


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