We Are the Church (Toddler Edition)

Yesterday I shared some thoughts that had kept “We Are the Church” running through my head for a good 24 hours or so.  I have continued to reflect on it and thought I’d share an additional insight that my daughter helped me see.  h was in church with me at both Easton and Southern Heights on Sunday.  As we drove from Easton to Southern Heights we sang the refrain of “We Are the Church” over and over again.

Later in the day, without any prompting from me I heard h singing, “You are the church, you are the church, you are the church together.”

It was adorable to hear her singing this song, but her choice of lyrics really struck me.  Isn’t this how we so often function in the church?  We think of programs or ministries that someone should be doing.  We make suggestions of the things staff should address.  We encourage other people to act and serve and give in ways that we think would be good.  We often forget the “I am the church” and focus on “You are the church.”

I trust that h’s rendition of this song was more about a toddler’s developing memory than it was her theology or ecclesiology, but I do hope that we will all be mindful of the fact that “We are the Church Together.”


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