We Are the Church

I am the Church, You are the Church, We are the Church together.  All who follow Jesus, all around the world, yes we’re the Church together.

If you’re at all familiar with that hymn I’ll be curious to know how long that refrain sticks in your head after reading those words.  They’ve been playing through my head for much of the last 24 hours.

Yesterday we concluded a 3 week sermon series at Easton and Southern Heights called “Belonging” through which we looked at what it means as United Methodist Christians to pledge support to a faith community with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

At the conclusion of both worship services each congregation received new members who pledged to be a part of their respective faith community by contributing their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness to the good of God’s work in and through that community.  In the midst of this sermon series and the celebrations of yesterday it has been an incredible gift to watch both of these congregations function as the church.

  • Care has been extended to a single mom recovering from serious surgery.
  • Care has been extended to a woman who recently tried to take her own life.
  • A special collection of money and needed items has been collected for victims of the storms in Alabama.
  • Care has been extended to a family as their wife, mother, grandmother and friend has struggled with and ultimately lost her battle with cancer.
  • The HS graduation of young people has been celebrated.
  • An 18 year old young woman has been baptized.
  • Food has been collected for and distributed to the hungry.
Where have you recently seen the church existing as the church?



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4 responses to “We Are the Church

  1. Teresa

    That has always been one of my favorite hymns! At least you’ve got a good one stuck in your head! 🙂

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  3. Angel sweet


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