Resetting the Baseline

In this address Lovett Weems, Director of the Lewis Center for Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary in DC, calls for individual congregations as well as denominational institutions to “reset the baseline.”   If we don’t reset and we remain committed to the status quo, Weems believes the coming developments will be catastrophic.  Give it 15 minutes and watch the video.  Then let me know what you think.

What do you understand him to mean by “reset the baseline?”  What do you think this might look like in your particular congregation?


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One response to “Resetting the Baseline

  1. Jerry D Wooley

    While I don’t completely agree with all of Director Weems’ charts and numbers for the future, I find that I do agree with the message he brings related to “resetting the baseline”. The last few years has proven that the greatest growth in all churches and worship groups has been associated with non-denominational organizations. Along with significant growth in these organizations, it is apparent the messages that are brought to the organizations are directed toward a younger congregation. Maybe my perception of this is related to my age, but I believe that the way the service conducted at these churches, are designed to attract the younger generations. Yes, I have attended a few of these services and did so to get a perspective on why the parking lots were over flowing on Sunday and in some instances, multiple services were required to serve the community.
    As I viewed Director Weems’ video it became apparent that these community churches has discovered his message relating to the “return to basics” theory. To embrace a commitment to reach more people, to reach younger people and to reach a more diverse group of people. To me this entire message spells outreach. I believe we are faced with a challenge in our church to grow and to “Reset Our Baseline” will be a significant step in the right direction. Our commitment as United Methodist is also a commitment to make Disciples for Jesus Christ. I appears to me that this commitment and resetting our baseline will accomplish this. ” The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems.” ( Mahatma Gandi)

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