It’s a Small World (Wide Web)

A couple of months ago I wrote about my love/hate relationship with twitter.  Recently I have had much more love than hate.

A member of the Tonganoxie United Methodist Church (where I have been appointed to serve beginning 7/1) and I have recently connected on twitter and shared a few friendly exchanges (she’s a mizzou fan and I’m a jayhawk, I even Jesus Juked her on twitter the other night).  Tuesday evening on my way back to Lawrence from Leavenworth I dropped off my copy of Love Wins and ended up chatting with her and her husband and daughter for nearly an hour.  She also loaned me a couple of books to read.

One of the books was Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans.  I had never heard of Rachel before, but read the book in less than 48 hours and really enjoyed it.  Yesterday I sent out a tweet saying just that and acknowledging both the woman who loaned me the book and the author herself.  Last night I received a nice direct message on twitter from the author saying she was glad I had enjoyed the book.

Thanks to twitter I was able to connect with and have a great conversation with one of the families in the community to which I have been appointed to serve.  That is and was a real gift!

Thanks to twitter I was also able to express appreciation for an author who lives in Tennessee.  She was able to see that appreciation and respond with her gratitude, all within a matter of hours.

Twitter (like many other social networking sites) provides a powerful way to connect with people in our immediate communities as well as with people we have not yet met in different parts of the country (and the world).

How has twitter (or another social networking site) recently helped you connect?  In what ways are tools like these making your world smaller?



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2 responses to “It’s a Small World (Wide Web)

  1. I’d never heard of the Jesus Juke, but I love the post you linked to! I recently sent an event posted on Facebook by a Chicago friend who now lives in NYC to an Oregon friend currently living in NYC because I thought it sounded right up her alley, and she actually went and my two friends met! Connections like that make me happy!

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