Sowing Seeds in Appointment Transitions

On Saturday afternoon Heather and h and I went to Tonganoxie to see the parsonage to which we’ll be moving this summer.  The current pastor and his wife were incredibly gracious showing us the house, talking about their experiences in it, and entertaining h (while there she managed to get both a banana and some chocolate from the current pastor’s wife and had fun rolling a big balance ball around from room to room).  It was great to see what will be our new home and Heather and I both left excited about what life will look and feel like in the church’s parsonage.

The thing that struck me the most though was a relatively simple statement made by the current pastor’s wife.  As we looked at the backyard she said, “Let me know what you want in the garden.  I’ll get it planted and then you can have good veggies through the summer and fall.”

Her forethought and generosity will yield fruit (or veggies) that my family will be able to enjoy.  She will invest work and energy into something this spring knowing that she will never see the harvest.  She will do this knowing that the harvest will be a blessing that provides nourishment to those who will come after her.

I will likely use this story as a sermon illustration for years to come.  More importantly, I hope to model this generosity in my own life and in clergy transitions of which I am a part in the future.



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8 responses to “Sowing Seeds in Appointment Transitions

  1. Jeff – Very cool story and sounds like a great experience. Thanks for sharing!

  2. DC

    I wish I could hear the beautiful sermon that will come from such a beautiful story. I think so many times we don’t realize the impact we’ve had on people until long after they’ve moved away from us.

  3. That is awesome. Something for me to remember down the road too.

  4. Mike Hiteshew

    Good luck with your new appointment and with your new congregation! We need to catch up sometime…!

  5. Really cool. Thanks for sharing.

    The need to see the results of our actions shows as much about how we wish to be God as we wish to see effect…

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