Spring in Lawrence, KS

Friday evening I met Heather and h downtown for dinner at Ingredient.  It had been a long week and we wanted a simple chance to unwind and spend some time together as a family – it ended up being a great night!  From the evening I have compiled a brief list of signs that spring has arrived in Lawrence, KS:

  • People were out en mass on Mass Street (really, no pun intended)
  • Procession of people in cardboard dragon costume marching down the sidewalk
  • Guy on his orange unicycle
  • Guy with pink hair to match his pink iPod case
  • Rough looking guys sitting on a bench holding a cardboard sign that read, “VCU Sucks”
  • Live music on the street-corner
  • h and other toddlers/kids dancing to live music
  • Random people photographing musicians and dancers laughing and talking with one another
  • First Sylas and Maddy’s of the year

Lawrence is such a great place and it was such a good time to be out with such a unique group of people on such a beautiful spring night!



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2 responses to “Spring in Lawrence, KS

  1. Yep, just keep rubbing it in! :o)

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