New Appointment Announcement

On July 1st I will begin a new appointment as the pastor of Tonganoxie United Methodist Church.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return to a community that was once home (my family moved to Tonganoxie when I was 8 and I graduated from Tonganoxie High School in 1998) and to be a part of the ministry of this congregation.

Tonganoxie UMC has been holding worship services in their current location since 1869.  Over the last couple of years they have been going through a visioning process and have begun to dream about how they will do ministry in the future.  This video was made for charge conference this year (I couldn’t figure out how to embed it here, but encourage you to click the link and give it a watch).

I am excited to walk through life with the people of Tonganoxie in these coming years, to better come to know God with them, and to serve the community in partnership with them.  This is sure to be a great adventure!



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26 responses to “New Appointment Announcement

  1. Congratulations, Jeff! I look forward to joining you some Sunday that I am visiting town.

  2. DC

    Congratulations, Jeff! What a lucky congregation to have you working with and leading them. Not sure what this means in terms of where you will live, but I am confident that everything will work out. Best wishes to you, Heather, and h.

    • Jeff Clinger

      Thanks, Diane. It is about 25 minutes from where we live now, we will be moving. Heather will continue to commute to Lawrence to lead worship at Lawrence First. We trust that the transition will work out just fine and are looking forward to this next chapter!

  3. Gayla Rapp

    Jeff–So glad to hear this good news for you–and for the people of Tonganoxie!

  4. Maria Campbell

    This is glorious news! You will be a blessing to the faith community and trust they will bless you as well. I will hold your ministry together in my prayers.

  5. Kevin Campbell

    Wonderful news, Jeff! I am very excited for you, and thrilled to see how God has worked in your life. Congrats, and best of luck as you begin your new journey!

    • Jeff Clinger

      Thanks, Kevin! We’ll be very near the Legends, an area in KC with lots of cool stuff going on. We’ll have to plan some time when you and the family can come down!

  6. Susan Bell

    Congratulations Jeff! I’m thrilled that you are in ministry and that God will use you to bless the Tonganoxie congregation! You are very gifted and the congregation is in store for great teaching and inspiration!

  7. Christine Hargrove

    Congrats Jeff! I would venture a guess that you might be able to be there awhile, which would be awesome for H and h. And maybe we can meet up at the T-Rex cafe sometime when we are in town!

    • Jeff Clinger

      Christine, Mike very clearly used language of “long-term” during my introductory. We would be quite happy to settle in for a lengthy stay with the church and the community and are hopeful about the ministry opportunities there. We have not experienced the T-Rex cafe, so we’ll definitely have to find a way to make that happen!

  8. Kaiser

    Congrats Clinger!

  9. Congratulations on your new appointment, Jeff! I don’t know a single thing about Tonganoxie (or any town in Kansas, for that matter), but it sure has a great name! I hope this time of transition and new beginnings will be full of good things for you guys!

    • Jeff Clinger

      Thanks, Mira! We’re excited about this new beginning and I’m excited about this return to a community that was home for so many years!

  10. judy

    Jeff. Congrats to you. You will be missed from Southern Heights. You are doing a great job. Tongie a great town. We will stay in touch.

    • Jeff Clinger

      Thanks, Judy. I am having such a blast at Easton and Southern Heights both and will definitely miss the congregations. I am surely excited about this new adventure and do trust that we’ll keep in touch!

  11. Sheila Wogomon

    I would like to welcome you to our congregation. I am really looking forward to how you will lead the church. I’ve read through some of your blog and like your ideas.
    My family and I have been absent more than we have been in attendance lately but I desperately seek a closer walk with Jesus and my church family. It’s hard to convince my daughter to come to Sunday School when she is often the only child in her class. I see great things going on with the older youth and am very excited about that, hoping for more with the younger kids as well.
    So, I’ll stop with my opinions and just say I can’t wait to meet your family and wish you the best as you take on this new journey.

    • Jeff Clinger

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sheila. I am excited to get to know you and your family as we begin this journey together!

  12. Terri Huseman

    Welcome. Looking forward to your ministry.

  13. Teresa

    Looking forward to you joining us soon! Welcome!

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