Rob Bell’s Love Wins

I am a big fan of Rob Bell.  I appreciate his ability to communicate in effective and unique ways and I find his theology to be challenging and inspiring.  I was first introduced to his Nooma series while serving in my student appointment in early 2004.  I have attended all three of his live tours/events.

His newest book is titled, “Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived.”  The following promo video has been stirring up quite the buzz:

The book was originally set to be released late this month, but with the recent controversy stirring the release date was pushed up to tomorrow.  I found this article to be a relatively well reasoned summary of the controversy, but you can also google “Rob Bell Love Wins” to read plenty more about it.

Rob spoke tonight to address some of the controversy surrounding his new book.  It was streamed live, but I wasn’t able to catch it.  However, it looks like you can watch it here.  I look forward to watching what he had to say and to reading the book.

How about you?



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5 responses to “Rob Bell’s Love Wins

  1. I’ll read the book, as I’ve read everything he’s written thus far. I’ve also kept up with much of the recent web-controversy. It’s tough for me to see Christian infighting. While I agree with those of our friends who are Reformed that doctrine matters, there is a healthy way to engage and critique one another, and many of the attacks on Rob Bell, in my opinion, have been ill-informed and reactionary. I missed the webcast tonight, but I may view it in the days to come.

    Please feel free to check out Mark Galli’s thoughts on the book at CT that posted today. It is worthwhile.

  2. Rachel Pokora

    Hi Jeff,

    I recently became aware of the controversy regarding Rob Bell and I have been very interested. My sister and her family attend Paster Bell’s church, Mars Hill, in Grand Rapids. When my sister first told me about it, I as skeptical–mega churches make me nervous. I have since gone to a few services and I liked them. I am a sacrament and tradition person, so the church as a sole place of worship is not for me, but I appreciated his sermons. He seems committed to social justice, which I like. I learned from him and I think he raises important questions. I would definitely go to hear him speak and I’m sure I would be inspired.

    What I saw in the clip you posted reminds me of two Quaker pastors I heard speak in Lincoln–they questioned the notion of God sending people to hell. I’m no theologian, but it is compelling.

    I heard an interview on Speaking of Faith with the man who wrote “The Evolution of God.” (I think the author is Robert Wright.) I loved what I took as his main point: As people evolve, our understanding of God has changes.

    Thanks for the links. I really appreciate being prompted to think about all this…


  3. Rachel Pokora

    I would love it!

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