Amazon Vs. Borders

This is the second of a 3 part series comparing my use of amazon to other retailers.  I’m particularly interested in hearing what others think about this.

On January 27th I spent a little bit of free time perusing our local Borders store.  After strolling around for 30 minutes or so, looking at both books and music, I left without buying anything.  I later tweeted, “Spent some time at the local @borders today. Didn’t see anything that I couldn’t buy (and much cheaper) on @amazon.”

Less than a month later it was announced that our Borders was closing as the national chain restructures after filing bankruptcy.  I went in earlier this week to see if any of their bargain, closeout, everything must go, deals were worth taking advantage of.  They weren’t.  Most things were discounted by only 20%-30%.  As a general rule I find amazon to have items discounted by about 40%.  I (again) didn’t buy anything.

I understand that purchasing from a brick & mortar store in my community helps the local economy (there is another post to be written at another time comparing Amazon to The Raven or Signs of Life, two locally owned Lawrence bookstores).  However, for the most part, I buy resources where I can find them the cheapest.  And, assuming that I’ll spend at least $25 and can wait a few days, it is most often amazon.

How about you?  Are you more likely to purchase from Amazon or from a brick & mortar store in your community?


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