Perpetual Transition

Heather and I are in the midst of preparations for another move.  Yup, that’s tic-tac-toe; three summers in a row.

In mid-March Heather took a full time  job in Lawrence (in addition to the part time job she was already working in Lawrence).  Currently she drives from KC to the far west side of Lawrence 6 days a week, which has got to change…

Since the latter part of last year I’ve been working for a start-up called Innovative Metabolic Solutions.  We are based out of Lawrence and have grown to the point now where I’ll be moving from a consulting role to full time in June.

It will be good to be Lawrence residents once we get through this move!  We have calculated that as a family we’ll save roughly 12 hours a week that we’re now in the car and will no longer need to be.  I can’t wait!

Hannah’s life is full of transitions each day as well: new words, new animal sounds, new connections in her brain, new heights (which mean new things to hit her head on).  It is all good.  Very good.


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