Thursday, September 24th

Morning weigh-in: 206.2

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and 2 slices of bacon

Snack: 1/3 cup mixed nuts.

Lunch: leftover Chicken and Apples with sage and dried cranberries.  canned peas.  peach carbmaster yogurt

Dinner: leftover pork roast.  broccoli

Snack: brownie crunch think thin bar

More Snack: 1/2 southwestern egg roll. pint of Bob’s 47.

Dessert: vanilla mousse (made with sugar-free fat-free pudding mix and heavy cream) with sliced strawberries.

Fluid Intake: 132 ounces H2O.  24ish ounces of diet pepsi.

Reflections: Even after yesterday morning’s m&m/cookie binge the scale was down a bit this morning, which was really nice.  The same m&m’s and cookies were waiting for me this morning, but I was able to resist that temptation today, which felt good.  My schedule was pretty odd today, left one part time job in Lawrence about 2:45 to get to the other part time job in KC.  I ate a very early dinner of pork and broccoli in the car on the way to KC and had the protein bar about 6:15.  This was my first night working back at Kite’s since deciding to refocus on my eating routine and it was tough.  I resisted the urge to snack on any fries or chips of wings, though.  I was glad to manage my eating the way I did even with the funny running around, it felt really good.  However, when I clocked out at work this evening the bartender said, “you look like you could use a beer.”  I couldn’t argue with that and though a lower carb option would have been a glass of wine or a michelob ultra, I went for the Bob’s 47 and I wasn’t sorry in the least.  Hopefully I won’t be in the morning either.


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