The Woman in Line at Target

A few weeks ago I ran to the Target near our home in Olathe on a Sunday evening.  There were just a couple of things on my list and I ran in near the end of the store’s business hours.  I grabbed what I needed and then headed to the only open checkout line.  As I placed my items on the cart I watched the woman and young man in front of me.  The woman was clearly the young man’s mom, it seemed he was likely in middle school. 

I was most impressed by the way this woman interacted with the Target salesclerk.  The woman in line asked the clerk about her evening, about what time she might be done at the store, about what plans she had after arriving at home.  The conversation was natural and it was clear that the woman in line was simply a caring and compassionate person who was genuinely polite and engaging.

After they completed their transaction this woman and her son headed to the door and I bought my couple of items and followed closely behind them.  As I reached the door they were putting their cart away and the woman engaged me in conversation, “Hey, I think you’re one of the pastors at our church.” 

The woman and her son were indeed Resurrection members and we had a nice visit for a few minutes.  As I walked away I reflected on what it blessing it had been to see a member of the church in action, genuinely caring about others.  I often find myself thinking about what a special place Resurrection is, but was particularly touched that evening by the way in which I had seen it lived out, in my own neighborhood.


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