Training for a 10-K

Over the last couple of years I’ve taken up running.  I’m not sure I’m yet to a place where I can call myself a runner, but I am enjoying it more and more.  Over the last several Saturdays Andrew and Ben and I have been meeting to run.  Last Saturday I ran my second 5k with them and had a great time. 

Just this week I decided that I am committed to running a 10k this spring.  We’ll be running the Heart and Sole Classic on May 2nd.  Andrew dug up a nice training plan and I plan to utilize that in the coming weeks as well.

I am excited about the opportunity to further push my body and mind in preparation for this run.  Less than two years ago the thought of running even a mile seemed laughable to me.  This week I’ve already run 4 miles twice and the idea of 6.2 seems reachable.


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  1. Kevin Campbell

    Godspeed on your training, Jeff. I wish you and your compadre’s well, and look forward to hearing about your training and the race! Just a tiny nugget of advice, take it or leave it: YOU ARE A RUNNER! If you don’t consider yourself one, then the mental part of your training is as good as done as you will take yourself down a negative path that will only serve to mar your efforts. You are a 10k runner, your body will soon be trained to run one with success, and your accomplishment will be an amazing one! Again, best wishes!!

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