Thumbs Up for Communion

After each worship service in Resurrection‘s Sanctuary communion is available in a small chapel located in the narthex.  As a pastor I have the opportunity to help serve communion from time to time and it is always a blessing and a joy to watch people come into the chapel to receive communion.  Some stay and pray awhile and some receive communion and head out the door.  Some come on their own and some come with spouses or children.  It is always special to look people in the eyes and to extend the love of Christ to them in a real and tangible way.

This weekend three young children came forward to receive communion while their dad stood in the back of the chapel waiting for their mom.  I’m bad at guessing ages, but would say that the kids were all between the ages of 7 and 11; a young girl with two older brothers.

As they came forward together they were very reverent and they focused on what was being said as they received communion.  After receiving communion they walked back down the center aisle and the young girl turned to her brothers and gave them a big smile and a thumbs up.  I’m not sure what was going through her mind, but in that moment I gave God and the gift of communion a big thumbs up myself.



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4 responses to “Thumbs Up for Communion

  1. I’ve heard of (and seen) this style of communion before…

    You know me…not a real traditionalist by any means, but something seems seriously awry with doing “drive-by” communion in a separate chapel…

    What is the theology/rationale of this practice of communion…The only one I’ve ever heard is “communion is a ritual that we really don’t need, but some people want it.”

    I’m assuming COR has something more profound to say, and I’m interested in their thinking…Thanks!

    • Mark, we do celebrate communion monthly in worship in all of our services. The communion available in the Firestone Chapel is for people who desire to receive communion weekly or who are seeking communion because of a particular need. Communion is a very important part of our corporate worship, but as Diane alludes to, there are many who desire to have it more than only once a month. Does this help clarify?

  2. Diane

    Jeff, the one thing I still miss from my Catholic upbringing is the lack of communion on a weekly basis. If I attended your church, you would find me in that small chapel every Sunday.

  3. Yes…which makes more sense from what I know of COR, Hamilton, etc.

    Seriously, though, there are (large) churches that only offer communion in a small, side chapel…I just don’t get it!

    Thanks for clarifying, Jeff.

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