New Church Leadership Institute – 2 (or 1?)

This week I’m headed back to Mt. Sequoyah for my second week at the New Church Leadership Institute.  I attended a session in the fall and had a great time, but while there learned that it was officially the second of two (even though myself and several others were there for the first time).  I’m a linear thinker and so it was a bit odd to me that there wasn’t really a sequence and you could start on either, but it ended up being a great week.  I’m looking forward to several things this week:

further discerning whether or not I might be called to be involved with a new church start or a multi-site ministry

spending some time with some of my great colleagues from Resurrection

reconnecting with others from the October session of NCLI

sharing stories with others from around the country who are interested in new church starts

I will miss Heather and Hannah a great deal while I’m gone (it’ll be my first substantial amount of time away from Hannah since she was born), but am looking forward to it nonetheless.  Internet was spotting when I was there in October so I don’t plan to blog a lot, but you can follow me through the week on twitter.


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