What Does the Confederate Flag Symbolize?

Sunday morning as I drove in to Ottawa I saw a sign that said, “Welcome to Ottawa: We’re Building an Inclusive Community.”  I was most impressed by the sign, but it wasn’t long before I was shaking my head in shame as I passed a house with a confederate flag flying out front…

Lest I not seem too judgmental of Ottawa, as I was parking the car at the grocery store in Olathe that same afternoon I saw a pick up truck with a confederate flag license plate.  These two sightings in the same day rasie a few questions for me:

  1. Didn’t the Confederacy lose?
  2. What does this flag symbolize to the people who fly it?
  3. Do they not know that KS is and always has been a free state?
  4. What do others think of when they see the confederate flag?  What does it symbolize to them?




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4 responses to “What Does the Confederate Flag Symbolize?

  1. bclinger

    We’ve been discussing it on my blog
    it is sad…and revealing…and calls us to be accepting of those who aren’t.

  2. Diane

    There’s a house on Fran-Lin almost right across from Frank Hammond School that flies a confederate flag. When questioned about it, the woman replied that it was an ethnic symbol of her family’s heritage in the south. Sounds like you may have some of her equally foolish relatives living in Kansas.

  3. Heather

    The correct url for Barb’s blog is http://www.barbsgodthing.blogspot.com.

  4. To further complicate things, I was reminded last night that the ACLU represents the KKK. To be truly inclusive, do we have to include persons who hold what we perceive to be hateful positions?

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