Vacation Productivity

Last week I took a week’s vacation and it was wonderful.  It was the first real downtime that I’ve taken since starting at Resurrection last July.  I was away from the office for a week in October at a continuing education event and I spent two weeks at home following Hannah’s birth (but I worked much of that time in preparation for preaching and teaching).

While home for the week I:

  • Painted the dining room
  • Painted the family room
  • tore out an old railing between the dining room and family room
  • constructed the new railing to go between the two rooms
  • cleaned the house (especially windows on sliding glass doors)
  • hung out with Hannah and Heather
  • slept in
  • enjoyed time with friends and family
  • got back on the wagon and began eating like I know I need to (again)

Heather was a huge help with all of the projects and my dad was key in the railing project.  It was a great time though and I returned to work this week feeling refreshed and renewed.  Yesterday new carpeting was installed and I’m looking forward to a little time to lounge around the house and to enjoy it all soon.


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