When Christians Get it Wrong – Update

There is much to write about and I’ve found little time since returning from vacation.  I hope to get on a roll in the coming days.  For the time being, I wanted to provide an update on our current sermon series, “When Christians Get it Wrong.”

The first two weeks have been, in my opinion, phenomenal.  You can watch them here and here.

This coming week we’re going to engage the question of religious diversity.  If you’re in the KC area, come and join us for worship.  If you’re not, join us online at 10:45 and 5:00 on Sundays.  There are four weeks left in the series and I’m excited about each one!


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One response to “When Christians Get it Wrong – Update

  1. It was nice to see all the new ministers last week at COR. I presume you to me my ministerin the event I need to call. I have been a member at COR for about six years with my wife Etta.
    I am more comfortable with “bible” churches and do not consider our church to be evangelical though I think highly of Adam. But I do get annoyed when he straddles the line on certain positions because to me sometimes gray is not what we want.
    If if is gray then light has entered an area where there was darkness or the light is retreating. We want the light not gray. Oh well…

    bob harrison

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