A Day in Congregational Care

Fridays are my hospital day.  Typically I spend the morning doing pre-surgery visits to pray with and at times anoint persons from our congregation who are preparing for surgery.  If there are others associated with Resurrection who are hospitalized I will then visit them throughout the course of the day as well.  While this last Friday was a bit atypical, it was a blessed day and one I will remember for a long time.

  • I started the day shortly after 6:00am with a family who was preparing  for a reverse tubal ligation.  They had lost an infant child this last year and were having the procedure done with the hopes that they could again conceive.  We visited with one another and prayed and the power of their hope was moving and inspirational.
  • About 11:30am I headed to another hospital to visit with a gentleman who was having a relatively simple procedure done.  While he was being prepped for surgery I spent a great deal of time visiting with his wife and their two kids.  His daughter is getting married in July and they had not yet found a pastor for the wedding.  We visited about the possibilities and they seemed excited to have connected with a pastor.
  • On my way back to the church I stopped at yet another hospital to visit a woman in her early 90’s.  She’s recently had some health troubles and had been taken to the hospital for monitoring.  As I talked with her family I was blessed by their sense of hope and the conversations they shared about her life – it seems she had always lived it to the fullest: she rode the waterslides at a resort when she was 68, rode a snowmobile at 72 and recently bought herself a motorized scooter because she was tired of “waiting on people” at her care facility.
  • As I was preparing to leave the office for the day I was asked to swing by another hospital to visit a family who had just had a baby girl and to take them one of the baby quilts that the piecemakers make.  When I arrived they were still in the midst of a c-section, but I got to pray with and visit with all of the expectant grandparents and their joy was a great way to end my work day.

It continues to be a real blessing to serve at Church of the Resurrection and I am grateful for days like these!


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