Hannah Marie Clinger

Last night at 6:32 Hannah Marie Clinger was welcomed into the world.  She weighed in at 8 pounds, 1.9 ounces, was 19.5 inches long and is doing great.  So, I was totally wrong on my prediction for gender, but called day, was within about 45 minutes of time, and was pretty darn close on the weight.  I’ll be curious to see if anyone in the pool can boast a better record than that!

More pictures will be posted soon at the family site.  Here’s a little glimpse of this proud papa’s joy.




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11 responses to “Hannah Marie Clinger

  1. She is beautiful.

    Steve & Nancy

  2. Kevin Campbell

    Congratulations, Mommy and Daddy, and welcome Hannah!

  3. Amy Lindsey

    Congratulations! Welcome baby Hannah, we are so happy you are here.
    Your dad looks like he just won the lottery! He is forever more a father of a daughter, and you are forever more daddy’s girl.
    All the best wishes for the Clinger Family!

  4. Yeah! Congratulations! This is so cool!

  5. Diane

    We loved seeing Hannah’s pictures! Thanks for posting them so quickly. We’re thinking of you and sending you our love.
    Diane and Michelle

  6. Pat O'Brien

    Congratulations Heather & Jeff, Hannah’s a beauty

    Cheri & Pat

  7. Congratulations Jeff & Heather on your beautiful baby girl, Hannah! Great name choice: HANNAH – Samuel’s mother in the Old Testament. Of course you know it means “favour” or “grace”. We have an adopted niece named Hannah and she is now a freshman at Taylor University in Indiana. Well, join the growing crowd of parents that can’t watch Hallmark commercials without shedding a tear. She will change your life for ever. What a blessing from God!

    From one of your congregational care “H” families,
    The Haines family

  8. Patti

    She is so precious!! Congrats! I hope you both are doing well!!

  9. Larry and Gail Bazarko

    We are so happy for you!! She is

  10. Julie & David Fenwick

    What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Hope you both are getting some sleep.

    Julie, David, Jack & Georgia

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