Work Leave for Baby Clinger

Since Heather and I first found out that 1) we were pregnant and 2) I’d be serving at Resurrection, I’ve been planning on taking two weeks off once the baby comes.  I knew all along that these two weeks would simply come on the baby’s schedule, but it’s more and more feeling like I can see how things are going to come together now.

Our due date has passed and we’re scheduled for an induction on Tuesday morning if the baby hasn’t yet come.  I’m wrapping up a few things in the office now and Monday is my day off.  Once I leave here in a few minutes, I’m pretty much done working as a non-parent.  When I return to the office, I’ll have a child.  It’s pretty exciting (and terrifying) to think about!

Over the next two weeks I’ll be doing all that I can to welcome this new child into our lives and our home and to get settled into the routines of fatherhood.  During this time I’ll also be prepping for and teaching a training class at the church and preparing for and preaching in weekend worship on November 22nd and 23rd.  I’m anxious about making sure that I do all of these things as skilfully and faithfully as possible and am excited about the incredible opportunities of fatherhood, of this job, and of life in general.



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3 responses to “Work Leave for Baby Clinger

  1. Diane

    Still no baby? Well, it just means more prayers – no problem! If nothing happens before Tuesday, Veteran’s Day will be a pretty exciting day in your household. We’re so excited for all three of you!
    P.S. – Saw your twitter comment about ironing – NO ONE likes ironing!

  2. I can only imagine how excited you must feel! It is interesting that today I will be in Fort Wayne for the funeral of one of my Mom’s High School friends and today will also be when your baby is born. The circle of life continues on and God is in control of all. You are in my prayers. Love, Catherine

  3. Julie Hawkins

    Congratulations Jeff and Heather!
    I’m so happy to here you now have a baby girl!
    So, random story I thought you might like to hear: I’m sorry to say that I haven’t really thought about you or Heather much since you moved, but just recently I remembered that Heather was due sometime in November so I decided to check your blog today to see. I was having such a bad day today because I’ve been really stressed with homework and roommate problems and other stuff, but just a few minutes ago I read your twitter and just started crying (tears of joy). It made my day so much better to hear this good news. It’s amazing how things can be bad but something can happen that puts things in perspective and makes everything seem okay. Good luck to both of you! You will be amazing parents! All three of you are in my prayers!
    By the way, I think Hannah Marie is a really pretty name.

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