No Baby Yet?

I’ve been repeatedly greeted with this question over the last week as our due date is drawing increasingly close.  In fact, we’re now counting down in days (only five until our due date!).

I have had to chuckle to myself a little bit each time someone has asked me, “No Baby Yet?”  Trust me, once we have this baby, I’m sure it’ll come up pretty early on in most of my conversations for at least a week or two!  Thanks for asking though, and for your continued thoughts and prayers.


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One response to “No Baby Yet?

  1. Diane

    All three of you have been in my thoughts all weekend! I’m so excited for you, but would rather be excited because the birth is behind you……………..hurry up! My friend at work, mother of four, swears that a meal of Mexican food is the key to next-day delivery. I’m praying for you and hope the next few days will pass quickly. Take care of each other. WE LOVE YOU!

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