Halloween Costumes

I’m not sure I’ll be doing anything terribly exciting tonight as Heather and I are due for an evening at home together.  We’ll probably have dinner in and catch a movie or two.  I do find myself though, thinking about the fun of dressing up for Halloween.  Some of my favorites from the last couple of years:

  • A “static-clinger” (I safety pinned socks, dryer, sheets, etc. to my sweatshirt and jeans)
  • An e-male (I taped a big letter “e” to my shirt”)
  • Witch-craft (our friends Kelly and Trish dressed up together, Trish as a Witch & Kelly with an incredible variety of crafty things attached to her clothing).
  • The Black-eyed P’s (the Giffords put large P’s on their shirts, and black eye make-up around one eye)

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween?


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One response to “Halloween Costumes

  1. Kevin Campbell

    Nothing too clever as you’ve mentioned, but my girls put me up to dressing as Hannah Montana. Sheesh. Needless to say, I didn’t make a real cute Hannah. I did add my own twist though – I called myself Hannah MAN-tana. C’mon, I had to salvage some sort of pride.

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