Junior High Politics

Yesterday morning I saw an interesting story on the news.  It turns out that one candidate for Johnson County Commissioner was caught stealing his opponent’s signs.  The story, as I understand it, is this.  

Candidate A’s wife saw Candidate B stealing Candidate A’s signs.  She called the police to report it and was told that there wasn’t anything they could do without proof.  She then staked out a spot with her video camera and caught him doing it a second time.  She called the police and they came and intervened.

When I first saw this, I said to Heather, “This smacks of the kind of thing that happens in a junior high student council election.”  Upon further reflection, I think that might not be fair to junior high student council representatives, many of whom have more class than this.

I’m excited to see how elections play out next week, to begin to get a feel for the direction our country might take in the next 4 years, but more than anything else, I’m ready for this to be over!


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