That New Baby Smell

Last night Heather and I went to Shawnee Mission Medical Center to see our friends Matt and Kendra and their beautiful baby girl Skylar.  Skylar was born at about 8:50 on Friday morning and they’ll be coming home today.  We are so excited for them!

As I sat and held Skylar I was struck by a number of things: her tiny little fingers, the way in which she grunted and crinkled her nose as she slept, the warm feeling that she emitted (both literally and figuratively).  Most of all though, I was struck by the smell of baby.  Some of our good friends before we left Indiana had just had a baby boy and I recognized the smell of Jack in Skylar last night.  Two babies, from different states, of different gender, had such similar smells.  I don’t even know how to describe the smell, but it just eases my mind and gives me a sense that everything is right in the world.  

After Heather and I returned home last night I was sitting on the couch and lifted my hand to scratch my nose.  As I did, I caught a whiff of that smell again, and found myself smiling.  I am so excited to bring home some of that new baby smell in just a few weeks!


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  1. Diane

    Beautifully worded, Jeff!

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