NCLI Wrap-Up

I never got internet working on my laptop at Mt. Sequoyah and wasn’t able to blog as I would’ve like during NCLI.  I want to recap a bit now and I’m sure will continue to reflect on the week, especially as I attend the second week in February of 2009.

My highlights for the week:

  • Junius Dotson’s time-line for a new church start – really helpful stuff when it comes to the practical nuts and bolds planning.
  • “Know your Mission Field” – Tammy Garrison’s repeated claim when it comes to developing plans for a new church start.
  • The difference between Church Marketing and Church Messaging – a very helpful piece from Steven Blair of First Light, one of the best presenters of the week.
  • Conversations with Mitch Reese about the church he’s starting in northwest Johnson County.
  • Worship @ Pontiac Church and being greeted with, “We’re gonna Punk you up tonight.”
  • Quality time and conversation with friends from Resurrection, Dagney & Molly, as well as friends from Seminary, Mark & Jimmy & Chris, and new friends, Jamey, Mitch, Nate, Steven and others.
  • The ridiculous bouts of laughter at adolescent things.
  • The beauty of God’s creation at Mt. Sequoyah in October.
  • The dreams that began to develop about what it might mean to be a part of a new church start in the next couple of years.

I am looking forward to processing my time at NCLI with people here at Resurrection and am excited about going back to beautiful Mt. Sequoyah in February for what promises to be another great week



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2 responses to “NCLI Wrap-Up

  1. Awww… the 7th grade boy in me wishes he could have been there for the adolescent laughing.

  2. Janelle, you’d be proud to know that the 7th grade boy in you was the inspiration for us this week. We’ve got some stories that I’m sure won’t be anywhere near as funny as we remember them to be…

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