Worship Times

I’m at NCLI and really enjoying my time.  With the exception of one presenter yesterday afternoon I’ve really enjoyed everything so far.

This morning I found myself reflecting a bit about the time (and day of the week) that worship is held.  At Resurrection worship services are held on Saturday and Sunday evening in addition to Sunday morning.  Heather and I have been attending worship on Saturday evenings and I have really enjoyed it.  I’m increasingly convinced that if I was an average church going person, I’d prefer an evening service over worship in the morning.  As I think about the possibility of being involved with a new church start in the future, I find myself wondering…

What would be your preferred time (and day of the week) to attend worship?  Best case scenario, for your routines and patterns, what would you prefer?


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  1. Diane

    When we attended a Catholic church, we sometimes went to Saturday mass at 5:30 if we couldn’t attend on Sunday because of a scheduling issue. It just never felt like mass to me – I always felt like it was a compromise situation. I do know many senior citizens who seem to favor Saturday night. I would prefer a 10:00 service on Sundays because it would still allow for some catch-up sleep and time to do a few chores before the service. I guess it really doesn’t matter the time of the service if the message presented is worthwhile and leaves one feeling they have learned something that will help them spiritually and bring them closer to God.

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