October 12th Worship

This weekend is Resurrection‘s birthday (18) and we presented third grade Bibles in worship as well.  Adam took a slightly different angle than originally planned and addressed the credit crisis and how our faith can speak to us in the midst of a time such as this.  Below are the transition to prayer and pastoral prayer that I used in our traditional services this weekend.

Transition to Prayer (Thrust)


I don’t know where my 3rd grade Bible is, but this is the Bible that I was given when I was confirmed and it was presented to me by my parents and the pastor of our church.  It is the Bible that I carry with me, the Bible I use for my daily devotions, and the Bible that I use for funerals.  Whenever I use it I think about the great gift of support that I received as a child and a youth from my home church and I hope and pray that some years from now some of the children to whom we will give Bibles will still have the Bible they were given today and remember the support of this, their church family.


As we prepare to go to God in prayer today, let us be mindful of those children to whom we just presented Bibles as well as all of those people who supported us when we were there age so we could be who we are today.


As we go to God in prayer this morning, we’ll be using the form of a bidding prayer.  I’ll begin our prayer time together and then invite you to pray silently in response to specific petitions that I lift up.


<Pause for Centering>


Prayer (Thrust)


God of the past, we give you thanks for all of those people who have come before us, shaping and forming us into the people who we are.  We know that we would not be where we are today were it not for so many saints and we lift up to you now those for whom we are particularly thankful…


<pause for prayer>


God of the present, we give you thanks for this church and all that it means to so many people.  We thank you for our 3rd graders; for the joy in their smiles and the certainty of their faith.  We pray now for them and for all of the children of our community…


<pause for prayer>


God of the future, we give you thanks for all of the potential in this place; for the positive energy that flows, for the children who will grow, for the seeds that we sow.  We pray now with great hope for what the future might hold as we build on the past…


<pause for prayer>


God of all time and space, we give you thanks for all that you have done, all that you are doing, and all that you will do in us and through us.  Continue to shape us and form us to be your people and remove from us those things that separate us from you that we lift up silently now…


<pause for prayer>


In the midst of this time of anxiety and worry, as we watch markets fall and various attempts to correct them fail to work we come to you today.  We need to be reminded of your light that shines in our lives and through the world.  We need to be reminded of your love that is the greatest asset we have.  And we pray that we might be open to encountering you in this time of worship today.  We pray these and all things in the name of Jesus who taught his disciples to pray…



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2 responses to “October 12th Worship

  1. I really liked this prayer/transition today. Thanks!

    I was watching at home with my kids on the live stream. Faith was especially interested in the kids all up on stage getting their bibles. Then she wanted to know where her 3rd grade bible was. I told her she’d get one when she was in 3rd grade… she’s only in Kindergarten now.

  2. bclinger

    You maybe know this Jeff…but I too carry a Bible given to me although it is not the one I use/read because I am old and the translation seems dated. The white, fake leather, zipper, red-letter that Grandma Rademaker gave to me is way special. Oh, yeah and there is that one my son gave me 🙂
    I have started a tradition of giving away my Bible each year. The one I use to make notes and take to worship will be given away on Dec. 31st or that next Sunday. Last year I had Bishop Wilke sign it when he was in Lawrence. Giving it away forces me to work through the text again. Giving it away shows those to whom it is given that we clergy are always working and learning and living with God’s word. Great prayer, by the way.

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