Vibe Worship @ Resurrection

Resurrection is starting a new worship venue on October 12th.  The following was sent out to staff today by Jason Gant, venue lead, and I thought I’d share it here.

Beginning on Sunday, October, 12th from 10:45am-12:00pm will be a new weekly worship experience for people of all ages in the student center of the East Building. This worship service will be edgy, casual, and contemporary. We hope to reach non-religious and nominally religious people and help them to become deeply committed Christians through this weekly worship experience. Doors will open at 10:30am with coffee and goodies available in the café area, while the band offers a softer musical background for conversation and connection. The music, lights, and production level brighten up as we begin in praise and worship around 10:45am. One of the elements unique to the Vibe worship experience will happen following the message (delivered on the video screens), where people will be invited to respond through different options; an offering to share our gifts and tithes in response to God’s grace and love, singing in praise along with the Vibe band, and moving through creative stations around the room designed for people to respond to God in creative ways. In this first series beginning, October 12th, “Illuminate”, the stations in the room will give people an opportunity to write prayers on paper that will be illuminated, reminding each of us of God’s power, through the Holy Spirit. We hope this service will give you another opportunity to invite a friend to know, love, and serve God through worship here at Resurrection.

I look forward to checking out Vibe and to inviting people I know in KC to be a part of it!


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