David Kinnaman @ COR

David Kinnaman, author of unChristian, was at Resurrection last night for two hours of lecture and discussion about his research that led to the publishing of the book.

The research Kinnaman conducted with the Barna Group uncovered six common perceptions about Christianity that are held by outsiders in the 16-29 year old age range, the top one of these was that Christians are anti-homosexual.  This perception was held by nearly 95% of those surveyed.  Kinnamam expanded upon this by explaining that respondants didn’t just see Christians as believing that homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching, but that they see Christians as being vehemently against homosexuality, having elevated it to a status above any other sin.

His ultimate conclusion was that we as the church have to learn to be more Christ-like.  Even if we disagree with something, we are called to avoid harsh condemnation, and to engage others in a humble and relational way.  These perceptions that people hold, Kinnaman observed, are not shaped solely by the media, but they are shaped by real life experiences and encounters that people have with Christians.

I appreciated Kinnaman’s call to humbleness and look forward to reading the rest of his research in unChristian.


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  1. I bought this book last week and am on chapter three. I have tried to get some of my more judgmental Christian friends to read it. Maybe I shouldn’t have told them the basic premise of the book first, because I get the feeling that by telling them it is our (Christians) behavior that is on trial, I have told them all they want to know. Christians, like everyone else, would rather focus on other’s faults. Unfortunately for us, Christ has told us not to cast stones, that we would be judged with the severity with which we judge others and to pull the 2×4 out of our own eye before we tell others about the speck in their eye that just peeves us so much.

    I used to get angry when I heard Christians spouting sentiments that were so “unChristlike.” That was until I looked in the mirror one day and saw a railroad tie in my own eye. LOL. When being judgmental of the judgmental was no longer an option, I became sad that I had friends who were Christian, but I could barely talk to them about Christ. Finally, though resentment and disappointment have not disappeared, I was also sad for them that they were so loyal to Christ and yet could not find the peace of mind that comes by surrendering to His will and trusting that, though His instructions seem radically naïve in such a brutal world, He is the only begotten Son of God. He is the Word. Loyalty is good, but it can’t replace obedience, even when obedience sets you apart or puts you in disfavor with your “kind of Christian.”

    Anyway, I have many, many faults and have no right to judge anyone. I have no right to say anything, but, whenever I read the words of Christ, everything in me feels that he had much more in mind for us than simply to be the “Moral Enforcement Department” for the world.
    But even now I worry (know really) that I am stereotyping and judging people by their actions, that their intentions may be completely different from what I imagine. Only God knows people’s hearts, and I have no intention of planting seeds for more hatred. God Bless.

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