Welcome New Readers

This week 1,374 copies of a letter went out to all of the Resurrection member households whose names begin with D-I.  Periodically we send out these Pastorate letters as a way of communicating information to and connecting with members at the church.

In the letter that went out this week I included the URL for this blog as well as an invitation to connect with me on Facebook.  I have received several new friend requests and already heard from several who have visited the blog.

If this is your first time visiting Changing to Bring Change, welcome!  If you’re a repeat visitor, thanks for coming back.  I use this site as a way of doing several things:

  • Exploring God’s work in the world
  • Reflecting on ministry at Church of the Resurrection
  • Discussing film, music, and culture
  • Sharing stories about family and life that allow me to connect with friends and parishioners alike

Some (like Andrew) might advise me to better know and target my audience with this blog.  And that is probably wise advice.  For the time being however, I will continue to write about a variety of topics and invite you engage in the conversation; share your thoughts, ask questions back, or just say “hi” and let me know you’re reading.

Again, whether this is your first read or one of many, welcome and thanks for stopping by!


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