Care Center Worship

A month or so ago now, as a part of my annual evaluation process at Resurrection, I set a series of goals.  One of these was to develop a greater skill set for congregational care by reading and reflecting on two texts and by shadowing another pastor.  I recently read and wrote about Bedside Manners  and I’m currently reading Pastoral Care: An Essential Guide, with my Congregational Care Ministers.  Yesterday I had the privelege of shadowing Karla Woodward our pastor of Silver Link Ministries.

I accompanied her to two different care centers for a monthly worship service (apparently Resurrection leads worship in 22 different regional care centers each month) and had a great time.  I was most impressed by Karla’s skills at connecting with and relating to the residents.  Particularly I’ll take away several things:

  • Speak loudly and clearly
  • Speak slowly
  • Squat or kneel down so that you’re at eye level with those in wheelchairs.
  • Touch is very important
  • Eye contact is very important

As I watched Karla do each of these things I thought, of course, it makes perfect sense!  She moved in and through those units with such a natural ease and skill that these techniques seemed a natural part of who she is.  It was a blessing to be with her and I learned a great deal from our time together.



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2 responses to “Care Center Worship

  1. Diane

    Jeff, you’d be a natural at this type of congregational care. You have a natural ability to connect with people, are a great listener, and show genuine care. I will never forget how beautiful you were with Michelle and I when we were at the hospital that week. It is a memory that will never leave me, and I’m sure you’ll bring comfort to many others during your years in the ministry. God bless you!

  2. Beth

    I am glad that you were able to spend time with Karla. She is the most dedicated, loving person that I have ever met. She has much to contribute to our church family. She believes that if something she does makes a difference to just one person, then it was worthwhile. At a church the size of COR, it is easy to expect many people at any one given activity. It is wonderful that she hopes for one. And she quietly goes about spreading the love of God to all. She will teach you a lot, if you spend time with her. She started the Silver Link and has expanded that ministry to much more. COR is fortunate to have her on staff. I am glad you spent that time.

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