Drive-In Movie Fun

Some of our friends in Indiana introduced Heather and I to drive-in movies and we used to have a blast at the 49er

There is the simplistic part of me that enjoys the nostalgia.  There is the thrifty part of me that enjoys being able to see two new movies for a relatively cheap price.  There is the sociable part of me that enjoys getting together with a group to do something fun outdoors that involves movies and food.  All around, I enjoy the drive-in!

I’ve been thinking it’d be fun to check out one of the KC area options for a drive-in before it gets too cold and am looking for recommendations.  Anyone have experience at any drive-in theaters in the KC area they can recommend?


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  1. There is one on the MO side (maybe near I-70). I know that really isn’t that helpful, but my step-sister goes with her family all the time so I will ask.

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