What the World Eats

On Sunday, October 5th, World Communion Sunday, I’ll be preaching at Southern Heights UMC in Leavenworth.  As I began doing some prelimary research the other day I came across a photo essay that Time Magazine did called What the World Eats.

15 families from around the world are highlighted with a photo of them and what they would eat in an average week.  The cost is then listed in local currency as well as the American Dollar equivalent.  A family of six in Chad eats for about $1.23 a week.  A family of four in Germany eats for about $500.07.  They are not receiving the same level of nourishment (on many levels). 

Of particular interest to me were the two families from the United States.  A family of four in North Carolina spends $341.98 a week while a family of four in California spends $159.18 a week.  Could that large of a difference come solely from the age of the kids?

It all gets me thinking, I wonder how much Heather and I spend on a week in food?  I wonder how much that will change once Baby Clinger joins the family?  How much would you guess that you and your family spend in a week on food? 

And then the real kicker for me, how many others around the world could eat what they need each week if I were only eating what I need each week and being more intentional about providing support for the hungry in my community and around the world?


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