Conflict Management/Resolution

One of my goals for 2008 at Resurrection is to, “Further develop skills for conflict management/resolution by shadowing Resurrection staff and journaling quarterly.  I’m working to schedule a September lunch meeting with Molly Simpson, our campus pastor at Resurrection West.  My plan is then to schedule something for the fourth quarter with another upper level leader at the church.

As I seek to learn more about conflict management/resolution, I’m very open to seeing/hearing what others know.  Any good resources or tools to recommend?



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2 responses to “Conflict Management/Resolution

  1. Grace

    Hey Jeff…

    The Lombard Minnonite Peace Center does great stuff with pastors to help them prepare for conflict. Not sure if you were required when you were at Garrett to read their stuff like the students are now. Here’s the link for one of their retreats that I’m considering going on…

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