Childbirth Preparation Class – Week 1

Heather and I went to our first session of a five week childbirth preparation class last night at Olathe Medical Center.  Despite the fact that it was 2.5 hours of a talking head (after what had already been a long day of talking heads for me), and the fact that the teacher kept asking rhetorical questions and expecting answers, it was a good session.

I learned a lot about the labor and delivery process as well as what has been and will be happening to Heather’s body.  I feel like I’ve been relatively sympathetic through the pregnancy, but it made me want to be even more so in these coming months!  We also did some deep breathing and relaxation exercises that we are to practice so Heather can be an old pro by the time the delivery date comes.

Next week we get to watch a video and we’ll lay out some mats and pillows on the floor to practice some more breathing, relaxation, and stretching kinds of things.  I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more about this process and how I can be the good husband/dad through it all (and to it being something more than 2.5 hours of the same lady talking!).


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  1. You’ll be great!! And having a baby is absolutely wonderful. It’s so worth the pain of labor. Are you guys going for a drug-free birth?

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