The Last Lecture

I am currently reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch in preparation for a Living Forward class at Resurrection this fall.  It is full of great gems!  The other night I was particularly struck by this one:

I’ll take an earnest person over a hip person every time, because hip is short-term.  Earnest is long-term.

I’m not one who is regularly (if ever) accused of being hip, but I do hope to live an earnest life.



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2 responses to “The Last Lecture

  1. Pat O'Brien

    As I read your blog today and knowing that you are earnest. This thought came to mind, you could be called ” Earnest Ernest “. Sorry that’s just my warped mind at work.

  2. Pat, I thought the exact same thing! But Jeff, you can rest assured that you will always live an “ernest” life! 🙂

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