Evening Fun

Last night I had a great meeting in downtown KCMO.  Afterward I got to experience the Power and Light District at night for the first time; live music in several venues, lots of people, it was a great time.  Definitely not the Kansas City I moved away from 10 years ago.

Tonight Heather and I are hosting the Kansas East Young Clergy gathering at our place.  Counting ourselves and a couple of infants who will be joining us there should be 20 people total.  The weather looks great, we’re firing up the grill and cranking homemade ice cream.  I have no doubt it will be a great night!

That said, I’m headed out of the office soon to mow and finish final preparations for company.  Some of the more in depth blogs that are floating around in my head will have to wait for another day.



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2 responses to “Evening Fun

  1. Kevin Campbell

    Did you get to check out Howl at the Moon? Great joint – I was there last week because I was in town for a work conference. It was a blast – highly recommend it if you didn’t get to go.

  2. Kevin Campbell

    P.S. – thanks for letting Mandi crash at your place!

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