Olympic Spirit?

This morning on the news I heard a story about the women’s beach volleyball teams from Russia and Georgia greeting each other and hugging yesterday before they played each other while their countries were at war.

I wanted to find an image of the hug to symbolize the Olympic Spirit.  There is an image with this article, but upon reading it I added a question mark to the title of the blog.  I was particularly struck by the closing line.



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2 responses to “Olympic Spirit?

  1. barbmom

    I am very concerned about some of the “stuff” going on in China and the Olympics. How many of us watching the women’s gymnastics competition agree with Bela…no way the Chinese women were over 16. There was not a sign of puberty on most of them. Are there hormone supressing drugs…can someone postpone puberty and extend the life of a gymnast? And, what about the “sold out” events with empty stands? Does that mean the workers of China simply cannot get time off to witness this world event? Are we as a world community just going to watch and pretend all of this isn’t really happening…right before our eyes.

  2. Diane

    My teaching partner told me a heartbreaking story last night that she saw on the news. Apparently the little girl that sang the popular Chinese song in the opening ceremony was not really singing. The true singer was recorded and the little girl we saw was just lip singing. The reason for this was that the little singer wasn’t “cute” enough to be shown! Can you even imagine how that talented little singer felt? Surely the Chinese officials are more interested in “showing a good face” rather than worrying about a young girl’s feelings. How very sad. I also agree with your mother’s comment about the age of the gymnastics. It’s another example of “winning at all costs.”

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