Olympic Coverage

I have been enjoying watching the olympics these last few days.  It is a lot of fun on a lot of levels and NBC does a good job programming to keep our attention.  As I’ve looked at status updates on facebook it seems like many of my friends are addicted to the games in some ways that might not be healthy…

I was chatting with my sister in Seattle last night and we were trying to figure out if we were both seeing the same olympic coverage at the same time.  As we chatted it hit me, the olympics, an event designed to bring the world together, are programmed around the tv viewing desires of the American public.  Swimming, gymnastics, and other events that draw more attention are scheduled for the convenience of the American viewers and advertisers.  Is it really possible that the schedule for the olympics is being primarily driven by the  desires of the american television viewing audience?  Or by those who advertise to that audience?

Thoughts on what this says about the Olympics as a global event?


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