You Clearly Knew Her

Saturday morning I had a pager call and went to a nursing center to be with a family shortly after their wife/mother passed away.  Today I was blessed to be a part of the memorial service held for her here at Resurrection.

After the service I was visiting with some of the people who were in attendance and someone said, my wife is her cousin and you clearly knew her to some degree didn’t you.  Fortunately he kept talking before I had to answer.  I never knew the deceased, but was glad that I could share about her life in a way that was meaningful for the family who gathered today.

We’ve likely all been to funerals that were bad, ones where the pastor/priest/whoever didn’t seem to know or hardly care about the deceased.  I took that gentleman’s comment as a real compliment today and am reminded of how important it is to do all we can to connect with people and their stories as we provide care.



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2 responses to “You Clearly Knew Her

  1. Jeff – Thanks for the, evidently, great job that you did in this service. That is a high compliment, particularly having not known someone in life. I have yet do a funeral for someone that I have known for more than a few weeks at the end of their life.

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