Rainy Saturday Blessing

As I was waking up this morning, Resurrection’s emergency pager chirped at me – my first call on it!  I checked the message to find that the mother of two of our church members had passed away this morning.  I called the family and then went to go be with them at the nursing home before the funeral home came to remove the body.

I walked into the deceased’s room and found her surrounded by nearly all of her family.  Her husband of 54 years, her three children, and most of her 8 grandchildren were gathered together.  A Bible lay open on the bed bedside her.  We gathered around her bedside, I read Psalm 139, spoke words of God’s presence and comfort, and then we prayed together.  The time of prayer was full of tears, but also laughter; stories and memories were shared openly in this time of prayer that was simple and casual conversation with God.  It was clear that this family was comfortable praying together and crying together.  They had done it before and it was beautiful to witness.

On this rainy Saturday morning I was blessed to gather with this family, who , though in grief, had a faith that sustained them.  It is my hope and prayer that we might all continue to nurture our own faith through the good times so that when pain comes in life, we have the resources to draw upon that this family so clearly did.


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