Leadership Summit – Day One

I’m sitting in the afternoon session of Leadership Summit reflecting upon the day thus far.  It’s been a good event and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here.

The event is being broadcast around the country from Willow Creek in Barrington, IL.  The technology and coordination are pretty impressive.  Each satellite location is hosted/run by a site host and then there are live MC’s @ Willow.  The first session this morning had some technical difficulty getting audio and video to sync up correctly, but every session since has been good (with the exception of a little blip in the feed as I’ve been writing this).  The music from Willow has been good and the speakers have all been solid too.  The rundown for the day:

Everyone’s content has been pretty good thus far, but I was particularly touched today by Gary Haugen.  

Gary did a wonderful job challenging us to lead in places that move us out of our safe and secure locations of life and ministry.  He encouraged us to remember that Jesus didn’t call us to be safe, but to be brave.  He also challenged us, through incredible metaphor and story, to not stay behind in the visitor’s center of life, but to climb the mountain even when it’s scary.

I’ve not done Haugen’s words justice, but was truly impacted by what he had to say.  I’m sure I’ll continue to reflect on my notes and his words for some time.


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