Meet the Artist – Jeff Hanson

Sunday I had the privilege of preaching at the 7:45 service at Resurrection.  In the front row I noticed what I assumed to be a mother and son and thought to myself, that guy has really cool glasses.  After worship I had a chance to meet the young man and his mother and so I said, “Hey, I really like your glasses.” 

“Thanks,” he said.  ” I don’t mean to brag, but Elton John wore them.”

“Wow! That’s really cool,” I responded as he and his mom walked away.  We had exchanged names, Jeff & Julie Hanson, and I was excited to have met them as members of my pastorate.

As I finished greeting others, Jeff and Julie walked up to me again and Julie handed me a magazine and said, “this will give you some of Jeff’s background.”

The long story short is that Jeff is a 14 year old artist who happens to be visually impaired.  He has taken his vision loss in stride and seeks to make an incredible difference in the world in spite of it.  His art benefits a variety of charities around the world and through his work he has gotten to meet and spend time with Elton John.

Take the time to read more about Jeff Hanson and his story.  I have no doubt you’ll be incredibly blessed by his story and his art.


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