Lunch With My Brother

I was blessed to share lunch yesterday with Jason Gant, director of Student Ministries here at Resurrection.  A few thoughts/reflections from our time together:

  • Ted’s Montana Grill is great – I took Heather there today.
  • When Sarah (our waitress) introduced herself, Jason introduced us and then said, “We’re going to be praying here in a couple of minutes.  Is there anything we can be praying for for you?”  It was such a great way to engage conversation.  Sarah and her husband are in the process of buying a house, hoping that the seller will fix the needed things found in their inspection.  It was a blessing to pray for Sarah, her husband, their two year old and all of the exciting transition in their lives.
  • Jason is a strong “T” and I am a strong “F” – you Myers-Briggs folks know what I’m talking about.  We will have much to learn from each other as we do ministry together.
  • Jason is clearly a great leader with a wonderful vision for the church in general and student ministries in particular.  It is going to be a blessing to work with him and to get to know him more.
  • Our waitress wondered if Jason and I were brothers (and Jason confessed that he’d been mistaken for me after I led worship this weekend).  As we prayed before lunch, I thanked God for brothers we never even knew we had.

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